Mossberg slug guns

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Mossberg slug guns

Equip it with an accessory smoothbore barrel and the Slugster has all the versatility needed for essentially all shotgun disciplines. The level of reliably really sinks in when you learn Miculek can fire six shots, on target, from his in. All of that reliability, versatility and performance is made in America at a price that threatens the question of whether to buy a pump or semi-auto, domestic or import.

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The gun comes with a Monte Carlo stock to ensure proper eye position when using a scope and an iron-sighted barrel for shooters who prefer a more traditional approach. Another safety feature is the cocking indicator inside the trigger guard. Instead, simply depress the lifter and press the bolt release. This clears the shell stop from the shell rims ejecting them from the magazine. If you have nimble little fingers and can hold the lifter up without blocking the shells, you can empty the entire magazine at once, but more practical is to control the action and empty the tube one shell at a time and then unload the shell from the chamber.

Shotguns, particularly when shooting some of the hot-stepping 3-inch slugs, can kick pretty hard, but helping to tame recoil on the Slugster are a generous ventilated recoil pad and barrel vents toward the muzzle. Further reducing recoil and wear and tear on the gun is the self-regulating gas system. When you fire a shell, gas bleeds off through barrel ports and into the gas block. The bolt stays closed during firing, is driven back quickly when the gases reach the piston and closes just as quickly.

With few moving parts, the gun offers great accuracy as well as quick follow-up shots when needed. Even the fastest slugs are slow by rifle bullet standards and they shed velocity quickly, so just a little crosswind can cause sight-in errors at longer range. Miles cautioned me early on that it was imperative to use the right ammunition, so I tried a variety of slugs just to see how imperative it really was.

While Brenneke says you can also shoot their slugs through a rifled bore, Kent makes no claim either way. It was obvious from the holes in the target that, while they were shooting decent groups, they were hitting the target exactly sideways. Use these slugs in a smoothbore slug gun. This type of slug is stabilized by having the bulk of its weight toward its front like a badminton shuttlecock.

Some shots hit as much as a foot apart from each other at 50 yards. After fooling around with those two loads it was time to get down to business and use slugs designed for, or that I knew from experience shot well from rifled bores. It must be used with a rifled bore and its average accuracy at 50 yards from the was 1.

These heavy kickers send a grain slug downrange at a muzzle velocity of 1, fps and averaged 1. The tightest group was a single, ragged, sub-one inch hole fired with the Lightfields.

Pump-Action Shotguns

Mossberg is positioning the Slugster for experienced hunters who want rifle-like accuracy from their deer, bear or hog gun, but are not allowed to use a centerfire rifle in the area where they hunt. If this gun is representative, then it delivers the goods. If you base your slug gun decision on reliability, performance, versatility and price, then I would say the is a great gun for all seasons.

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Meat Hunter: Whitetail Deer vs 12 Gauge Slug

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This proven performer features dual extractors twin action bars positive steel to steel lockup and an anti-jam elevator for trouble-free operation while the receiver is crafted from aluminum.

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mossberg slug guns

Your browser does not support the video tag.Many hunters, especially in the south, hunt in heavy cover. I grew up seeing guys hunting heavy hardwoods with what were literally high caliber rifles suited more for hunting Muleys! And it makes me ask a simple question: do you really need a rifle to hunt the hardwoods.

The entire argument for me was laid to rest one time years ago, long before I came to Mossberg, on a early November whitetail hunt in Oklahoma. It was something I learned from a muzzleloader. The night before I watched a super nice 9 pointer come down a terrace, cross into a shallow ravine, and make his way toward the winter wheat field where both me and my cameraman, a Montanan named William Johnson, were waiting.

He was just out of range at yards. Yes, I could have most likely dropped him at that distance without much hesitation; however, I felt that I could get closer the next evening because these deer had been hitting this food source every day as it was the only source of food for 2 miles.

Then next night William and I built a brush blind along an old barbed wire cattle fence and waited. Upon caping the deer out for my taxidermist late that night, I looked at the exit hole. William and I sat there just staring at this massive hole from that sabot. However, when you look at the end result of what a grain sabot does when compared to a rifle bullet, the proof is in the size of a exit hole that I could almost put my entire fist through.

The next year, I went back to the same wheat field, this time with my dad on the camera, and dropped a super Oklahoma 10 pointer with another grain projectile. I was now a believer in heavy sabots for dropping heavy tined whitetails.

I found myself leaning more toward heavier projectiles. And the proof was lying in the back of my truck.

500 Barrels

I can tell you with certainty that you can kill just a many deer with a great deer shotgun as you can a deer rifle. And to prove my point, I asked a friend of mine who is a combat decorated sniper. And believe me, he can intellectually bury just about anybody in an argument on ballistics.

Just a tiny bit of interference, for the sake of consistency.Trouble is unpredictable. It shows up without warning. It rears its ugly head when and where you least expect it. Trouble has no conscience. No regrets. No remorse.

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So be prepared. And be protected. The MC1sc Subcompact 9mm Pistol. Be ready to strike back. The MC1sc was built for concealment with its slim, dehorned profile that allows for a snag-free draw. Weighing only 22 ounces fully loaded, its lightweight and durable polymer construction is perfect for everyday carry. And with its grip palm swell, the MC1sc will feel natural and comfortable in your hand. Grip panels are integrated with aggressive texturing for added control.

It all adds up to the ultimate concealed carry firearm. It requires the user to make the handgun safe by removing the striker assembly before removing the slide. The user is not required to pull the trigger in order to disassemble the handgun for cleaning and maintenance. Customers - Should your firearm or any component of your firearm require service, kindly ship the entire firearm not just components to our Product Service Center postage paid, via your chosen carrier.

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Read our Privacy Policy to learn more about how we use cookies. Search for:.When it comes to slug guns, I've seen it all and, over the course of five decades, used most all of it.

My first slug launcher was a hand-me-down Montgomery Ward break-action single-shot with a inch full-choke smoothbore barrel. In the ensuing five decades, I've hunted with an Ithaca Model 37 do-it-all gun eventually adding rudimentary open sightsa Remington with a then-newfangled screw-in choke tube, and ultimately a Mossberg that over the years evolved from bird-barrel-and-bead to open sights on a rifled barrel, a scope mounted on a receiver bracket, and finally, a rifled barrel with cantilever scope mount.

But when my youngest boy and I secured access last fall to a friend's patch of slug-country sloughs and prairie grass on which to hunt western Minnesota whitetails, I knew that instead of cobbling something together for a second slug gun, I wanted to do it right and equip us with a shotgun made exclusively for shooting slugs with reliable precision at ranges out to and beyond yards.

Summary: Everything you like about a bolt-action rifle — accuracy and reliability — in a shotgun.

mossberg slug guns

Features: Bolt-actions make the most accurate rifles; why not for slug guns, too? Savage introduced the bolt-action gauge Model in and quickly followed that success with the gauge Model in Both guns are here to stay.

A inch barrel floats freely within the durable synthetic stock black or camoadding to the accuracy created by Savage's crisp two-step Accu-Trigger system.

With the two-shell magazine at capacity, the gun only holds three shells, but the way it shoots, you'll probably only need one anyway. It comes drilled and tapped for a scope. Why use any other sighting system on a tool built for this kind of accuracy? Another great feature is the cantilever-design scope mount, which means your scope becomes an integral part of the inch rifled barrel for even more accuracy.

The cantilevered barrel also means you can remove it for cleaning without having to sight-in again. The black synthetic stock has a no-glare matte finish that's textured for a sure grip under all whitetail hunting conditions. Summary: A mouthful of a name for a typical — tough, hardworking and a real deer dropper. Features: You can never go wrong with anand of course the Synthetic Super Slug lives up to its heritage and then some.

This gun was designed to shoot best with Remington's Premier Accu-Tip sabot slugs. After a brief hiatus during which demand for this great gun increasedBrowning came back with a reworked model. I like the short inch barrel. The A-Bolt slug gun comes drilled and tapped for scope mounts.

Features: Duck hunters are famous for abusing their guns. Ask a duck hunter what semi-automatic shotgun can take the punishment without balking, and they will say a Super Black Eagle.

The SBE II Slug Gun is built on the same principles but adds a specially designed, heavy-walled, twist rifled barrel that stabilizes slugs and sabot-encased bullets for excellent downrange results. This is easily a dead-to-rights yard gun every time, at a minimum. The receiver is drilled and tapped to accept a Weaver 93A or M scope base.

Features: There's something special about hunting with a beautiful gun. Combine the esthetics of a gorgeous walnut buttstock and forearm with a great price tag and excellent accuracy, and you create firearm value that can't be beat. Weatherby's PA pump hunts birds with you in the early fall, then converts into a hard-hitting slug gun when you change over from the chrome-lined inch smoothbore barrel to a rifled and cantilevered inch slug barrel for deer season.Apache Junction, AZ - Ammoland.

It was a 12 gauge with a barrel longer then a week but it served for some years until I got a little older. It harvested some rabbits and squirrels among other critters. Years ago if you used a shotgun for large game that was considered a handicap but that is no longer the case. Back in the day, I knew a guy that owned a large pig pen and my brother and myself shot many rats there using a Mossberg 12 gauge.

Since I was rolling my own, cost were kept down. Throughout the years, I had a couple of pumps in 12 and 20 gauge. The little 20 was my favorite dove gun for years until I was talked out of it. I still regret that mistake. The one 12 gauge I had was bought with a barrel that someone sawed off. Though legal, it looked like they used a wood saw to accomplish that task. As bad, as it looked it was a good brush gun for rabbits.

A short barrel with no choke was the other order of the day.

mossberg slug guns

The other barrel had screw in chokes for other hunting chores. The bottom line is I have used Mossberg shotguns for years and never had problems with them. I originally came from an area that required slugs for deer hunting. Due to the flat terrain rifle, bullets were considered too dangerous due to the distance they can travel.

This myth has been proven unfounded today. A couple years back I picked up a model which is an auto loader and as in my experiences it is trouble free. I have used it on some dove hunts and obtained good results. It has the regular screw in chokes that are so common today which gives you many options.


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